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"Be greeted! ♥
In 2012 began a new era, an era of peace, freedom and magic!
You will need time to discover the changes on this world, and we need time to help you to discover the changes.
But we are flying around the world, you can't see us with your human eyes, but you can see us with your heart!
We will bring the magic back to you,
just believe in us,
just believe in our work,
just believe in yourself!

We will need time,
you will need time,
the world will need time,
but the hope dies last, and we know that some of you already follow our path and believe in us.
Some of you we choose to help us with our work.
  Those are drawing pictures, writing poems or books, they show with their soul that on this world exsist much more than you can see with human eyes... but with your heart!

We need you, we need all help we can get to create the new world of peace and magic.
Just believe,
just believe
and you will see the new world and will be a part of it!"

This picture I drew is based on a dream I had few weeks ago.
I visited the dragons again and saw many of them standing around the blue fire of magic. Much more than on the picture!
  Then every dragon took a part of the fire and flyed away, flyed away to bring the magic back into our world...
The golden dragon said to me that I should do the same: Take a part of the fire and draw with its light one of my most magical pieces...
And here it is!
I am a hopeless dreamer, I believe in dragons, I believe in my dream, I hope with my heart and soul that people learn to live in peace and harmony together, with the nature ... and maybe one day with dragons again!

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