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I was known as Bettina Catana, but I managed to change my name to Lira officially, since this name meets my true nature better.
Depending on the language origin Lira means love and especially freedom.
In a November night in 1991 I reincarnated again on this earth and since summer 2016 I am enjoying being a houswife and mother of two, soon three, wonderful children.

Since I was able to hold a pen in my hand I love drawing. Especially dragons attracted me since early childhood. Back then Spyro, Digimon- and Pokemondragons inspiried me which my old works reflect.
But this great attraction dragons have on me lasts until today and the reason for that goes even further back... The dragons give me the feeling of power, protection and security... they seem odd in this world, even dangerous... and yet I feel a deep connection to them, as if I would know these creatures since centuries and be a part of them.

So my artist name has to do something with dragons too of course: It is composed of two words:
"Gewal" - an abbreviation of the German word "Gewaltig", which means something along the lines of: ‘powerful, vast or formidable’.
And ‘’gon’’ -The last three letters of ‘dragon’.
Combined, my artist name is akin to "mighty dragon" or "powerful dragon".

Whenever I close my eyes or I am dreaming, I am wandering in the shape of a dragon. This dragon also finds her way in my drawings often: She is white, has green-turquoise shimmering eyes, the fur of a snow-leopard and the wings of a phoenix. This dragon is my power animal with the name Alvrericjas and changes her shape little according to my current mental development step.

Since my children are born I find myself in a very deep life-transformation... The mask I wore for centuries, everything I was teached by my enviroment, my parents, the media, the burdens of my ancestors,... is now falling apart and I am beginning to remember who really I am and why I came into this life.
In this process I even could heal myself from so called 'incurable diseases' like hashimoto thyreoiditis and asthma, for which reason I view health and illness from a completely different and holistic side today.

I am not sure yet where my way, my soul ,will lead me in the future, but I know that I want to share the wisdom I rediscovered with the world.
I want to invite people, YOU, to realize how incredibly powerful you are and that you are able to create a life full of happiness and abundance. And with my artworks I want to awaken what is sleeping deep within you, I want to dance with you and the dragons thorugh life...
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