Follow me into boundless freedom



"The time is getting closer and closer,
The era of fear and agony is almost over.

I remember my mission, found my true way,
I have much things to say!

I show you my mind.

I show you the light.

I show you the way.

You will see the world in its true beauty and that soon...

I will be your guide,
Staying loyal on your side.

The times will be new for you,
but for me, my home will return, the world as I got to know, when I came here.
The true world, just forgotten, sleeping deep in your heart.

The true garden eden,
our paradise,
The world Elennya!

Let's awake together the forgotten world, we all have the force to make it possible!

Trust me!
I show you my soul.

Trust me!
I show you my heart.

Dragon's eyes show you always the truth.

And I won't be the only guide..."

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