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I often get asked, rightfully so, how I healed my autoimmune disease Hashimoto, as it is considered incurable by conventional medicine. So, I took the time to write down my findings and my way. First of all: My experiences, which I share with you, of course does not replace medical specialist treatment. It is just for inspiration. By the time I am writing this text, I have been drug-free for over 2 years (Previously, I took L-Tyroxine 75 every day.) My TSH levels are, evidently, all flawless and I feel wonderful.

When I was diagnosed with this disease, around 2013, my TSH levels were at, believe it or not, +14. My doctor looked at me, unbelieving, and asked how I even still get out of bed. My throat was thick, swollen, just like my thyroids, inflammation values increased. I was very prone to infection, and it was a daily struggle to get out of bed. In general, I saw the whole world around me like through a veil. I felt lethargic and weak. Not every day... But at some point, the "bad" days outweighed the better ones. And, considering my lifestyle at the time, it comes to no surprise, that it had come this far... Ice tea from the pack, microwave food, and instant noodles, were the order of the day. Apart from the fact that, at some point, I just felt... empty. Something crucial had been missing in my life. Although I had a great job, in which I felt very appreciated and I was very happy, somehow, it was all just the same old, every day, in which I couldn't find fulfillment in the long run. The only place I was truly 100% myself, was in my world, which I expressed in my drawings. At the time, I was especially active on and I do not want to miss those experiences I made there. I have rapidly expanded my English skills, met people who have grown dear to me, and received great, honest feedback on my artwork. But should I really be able to be free only there? And this is where I start to talk about the symbolism of the disease, because Hashimoto is an inward struggle, a fight against oneself. And I fought it day by day, in the quiet. All that belongs to me, I have hidden and suppressed. I did not live the life I really wanted, but the life of another.

The thyroid gland is responsible for an incredible number of very important control processes in the body (such as development and maturation) and is associated with, among other things, the voice chakra, so it does have something to do with speech. And I swallowed a lot over the years, that did not dare to say.

I would like to quote Rüdiger Dahlke from the book "Illness as a Symbol" at this point. He writes in his book about Hashimoto:

"Deeply rooted, self-destructive conflict over the goal of one's development; which is apparently going the wrong way, in terms of the soul's claim: the developmental organ is driven into a kind of suicide; civil war at the command center of metabolism, at the end of which, the inner fire extinguishes; existential developmental conflict usually ends with the destruction of the thyroid gland and the inability to put any energy into it: calmer, more relaxed and lethargic, gaining weight, struggling with one's own shape in physical form or surrendering; the soul does not put any more energy into following the chosen path. " (Freely translated from German)

It is really about an existential, internal conflict: The own (life) energy is used in, or for something, that does not do you any good, or it is (un)consciously directed against yourself. And I wanted healing. I no longer wanted to rely on conventional medicine, which only suppressed my symptoms. So I was not able to avoid questioning my entire life so far and turning it upside down. I have started to be more concerned with nutrition, remove sugar, white flour and milk from my diet completely. For a while, I also removed meat from my diet, while it is harmless to consume in moderation and from responsible farmers. I especially avoided gluten, which is found in wehat flour products in abundance, and is particularly suspected to strongly favor autoimmune diseases, because it makes the intestine “sticky”, and therefore can turn it "porous", thus triggering the so-called "leaky-gut syndrome". (Https://

I found out that diseases are mainly caused when the body is over acidified, which means that the acid-base balance is off. It is not about giving up animal products forever, but for a while, this can be very useful, as meat is also one of the acid-forming foods. Incidentally, I generally advise against cow's milk ( or, above all, against industrially processed milk. Unfortunately, in the long term, it harms our body more than we can benefit from it. Good raw milk and raw milk products, in moderation, should not be a problem. You can even support a healthy gut flora with probiotics. I have found that dairy products are generally not good for me personally. They trigger inflammatory symptoms with me: my nose is running and my throat feels slightly swollen. By now, I live almost without meat, because I somehow feel "lighter", but tolerate people, who honor the meat of the animal and consume it with pleasure. Should we not consume all food, gifts of life, with gratitude and enjoyment?

After my daughter was born in the summer of 2016, sooner or later I found myself forced to pay more attention to nutrition. It was then I also visited a nutritionist and now, I cook fresh meals almost on a daily basis, according to desire and regional and seasonal options. After all, a mother wants a healthy, strong child, right?

All this, however, is only the physical side that has contributed to my salvation... Because, for me, that also included coming to terms with burdens from my childhood and figuring out my true nature. After all, I lived against them for years ... So, who am I really? What do I want? What makes me up?

I started to rely more and more on my intuition until it finally told me to drop the pills ... Drop the pills that I had taken under medical supervision for years, without a doctors consent? Rationally, as commanded by thought alone, that seemed totally irresponsible ... But was it really? Or did I just take back the responsibility that I had left to doctors and pills? And what can I say ... Day, weeks passed... without me feeling any deterioration. Rather, even improvement. Every day, instead of taking a pill, I ate a piece of fresh coriander. How I came up with the idea is probably a story in itself, which I will explain to you below, but first I want to complete the main topic.

After having been off my pills for a few months and feeling well, I started paying attention to the symbols of the illness. Why did I get Hashimoto, and not my husband, for example, who actually had a nearly identical lifestyle? Why do, on average, more women get sick than men? For this I have found my own theory. Because what I suppressed in me was, among other things, my inner woman, my feminine side. For a long time I somehow felt more neutral than female.

Apart from personal reasons, which have contributed massively to me feeling that way, there are also historical backgrounds. Women have been severely suppressed for a long time, which is not yet solved in some families / ancestors. Almost as a kind of family trauma, which can actually pass on physically, via genes. Witch burnings, disempowerment, violence, rape ... Actually, women have started to rise from this deep hole only recently, at least historically. And the problems that result from millennia of oppression is that most of us have simply lost the way of our origins. Where once women held together and even withdrew to menstruate together(!), there now are catfights and envy. And while we're already on the subject of menstruation ... It's presented as something unpleasant, filthy and dirty. Something that woman, according to advertising, best not feel and discreetly dispose of, in pads and tampons. But what an incredible cleansing power of the female body lies hidden in it, and that the woman can even draw power and strength from this special, sensitive time, is almost completely forgotten. Luckily, it's just almost gone, with more and more reading material on the subject (e.g. "Red Moon" by Miranda Gray), as well as more and more brave women openly speaking about it in their YouTube videos. My favorite here is definitely the channel of Teal Swan. Actually, women were and still are so incredibly powerful, as I discover time and again  for myself now...

Although I have completely cured myself of Hashimoto, it was only possible because I'm finally on my soul path, to which I belong. I discover my inner, powerful woman and can only urge you to engage with your very own femininity and discover the true power in you. If you are a male reader, this goes for your original masculinity, but unfortunately I can not give you any experience or tips ;-D

In summary, I can give you the following piece of advice for your own path: questioning your entire life. Turn everything upside down. Listen deeply, deeply, because your feeling IS your intuition and it will guide you on your own personal path. Reinvent yourself. ♥ Generally, when you and your life are out of whack and your body lovingly shows it to you in a disease or symptoms, know that you can cure any illness. Know that you can always find your way back to your inner center!

I think, now you got an incredible amount of hints and possibilities, for how you can approach the matter. Everything that I have laboriously worked out for months and years, bundled into a text. This is just a small extract, a summary, it includes many more components, such as clearing out clutter, rearranging living spaces, reshaping habits and, above all, changing my thought processes... And I really like sharing it with you. Use this knowledge and spread it! May all the people who follow the path of suffering return to the path of bliss! And may all of us women regain our power, that had been undermined for centuries, and rise like a phoenix from the ashes! ♥

The coriander thing ...

As mentioned above, I have been eating microwave meals for a very long time ... Including a vegetable lasagne, which I, at the time, loved to eat.

I still remember how I came home during my lunch break and put said lasagna into the microwave. Unaware, I relished spoonful over spoonful... But suddenly I felt a dreadful, strange consistency and equally disgusting taste in my mouth. I spat it out abruptly and had to look closely two or three times – poking and nudging it with my spoon - until I realized what I had just bitten into... A fat green beetle !!

Interestingly, this beetle was almost completely preserved ... But it was missing the head. And I certainly did not chew that, because the strange taste was so intense and penetrating that I did not really have the opportunity to chew anything else. So, what the hell was this headless bug doing in my food? Understandably, I have never touched a microwave lasagna since that day.

The body shape of the beetle was very familiar to me and then I found out quite quickly on Google, what kind of beetle it was: It was a STINK BUG! I had bitten into a green shield bug... The smell that had spread in my mouth was so obtrusive, despite extensive teeth and tongue scrubbing, it was still noticeable the next day.

Outraged, I wrote a complaint to the corresponding discount store and got a laughable coupon of 7€ purchase value as compensation. Well, with that, the issue was over for me.

Some time passed and the incident soon disappeared from my consciousness. Until I walked around the city with my husband and we treated ourselves to something from Asian meal to go. I was particularly interested in so-called "summer roles". It was a rice treat made out of a little rice dough, filled with various vegetables, shrimp, a sauce and ... rice. So I delightfully, unsuspecting bit into it and noticed a familiar taste in my mouth. Although less intense and definitely not as hard as a shield bug ... But the taste reminded me a lot of it. Accordingly, I could not and would not continue to eat that stuff. So what was it that I just ate? What of the greens had tasted so strange? The rice could not be it, nor the shrimps... Not even the sauce. And there were in fact leaves in it, which I could not immediately identify. But even then I did not spend it any more thought and just accepted it. Until the personal rebirth happened and I began to change my life and confront my illness.

Among other things, I learned a bit about herbs. And then, in a herb garden, I came across coriander. The smell was familiar to me... I tried a leaf and there it was again: this strange, penetrating taste... But since I started to listen more and more to my intuition, I acted a little crazy and actually took the plant home, though it did not taste good at all. And again, I thought of the lasagna incident, which by the time happened around three years ago. Why did I find a stink bug, of all things, in the lasagna? Why did I bite into it? Why does it taste so much like coriander? And why is the taste so disgusting to me?

At some point, I had read somewhere in a report or something that things that do not taste good to you, or that you can't tolerate, can also be related to repressed and unresolved mental problems. Anyway, I remembered that and somehow, I had the feeling that it would help me with my Hashimoto salvation history. Actually, I still can not explain how and why - apart from the fact that fresh herbs are generally very valuable for our body and we should add them to our food more often - until someday a green shield bug crawled in front of me on my balcony. It was alive. Included a head. And this time not in my food, but free. It stayed there for a while, until it rose into the air and flew away. It had left me with a very special feeling. I see a deep symbolism in this experience. Since then, I recognize even more and more such clues in my everyday life.

For a long time I was aimlessly stumbling through life, headless - just like the bug in my lasagna - dead, at least on the inside. And now I'm on my way to freedom, just like the living shield bug that visited me on the balcony. I am convinced ... No, actually I KNOW that life gave me a hint. Whether the shield bug was a kind of spiritual helper animal, whether I somehow pulled it into my life through the law of resonance, whether it was sent by God or weaved into my own story by my subconscious... The basic reason of this story is not important. The important thing is that I recognized and acted on them.

The coriander thing ... It definitely helped me to get to this point, at which I can call myself healed.

Thank you, dear stink bug.

(Written on 4.3.2019, translated by Daemon-Illusionum)
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