Follow me into boundless freedom



The main message of this piece is like the title says: "We are one"
We all are a part of our blue mother earth, and have to understand that we all, no matter if plant, animal, beetle human, we are all the same, beings with heart and soul. And no one is better than the other, no one is more valuable, everyone of us is unique and an IMPORTRANT part of this world.

Yes, that's the feathered dragon Alvrericjas on the picture. I had really nice dreams about her... She flied around the world, to spread the love she has for all beings of this world...
The rainbow is a symbol for her love, or... maybe she was just a medium to share God's love?
Just take a look, the rainbow doesn't come from Alvrericjas, it comes from an another source.... I've just noticed that while I wrote this text...
But at least it doesn't matter where the love comes from, because Love IS Love

Help her to spread this love around the whole world, everyone needs love, even people which don't care about the future of our world.... because it seems to me they need love most....

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