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"The fire of magic I hold in my hands,
The fire of magic I want to share with you.

The fire of magic - since centuries connected with my heart and my soul,
a force that grows with faith.

I want to give it to you, the fire of magic,
show you a long forgotten world,
inherent deep in your soul.

The fire of magic I hold in my hands,
The fire of magic I want to share with you.

Do you take it?"

Some thousand years ago much more people believed in magic - from these times come the most miraculous, magical stories and myths Storys from people which could change their body into an animal-body, from dragons that flied over this world, from spells that could let grow plants, from people that could understand the language of the animals and plants, from beautiful landscapes, magical crystals that could give others energy and wisdom, from flying castles,...

But today the technology & the money rule the heads of people, not their dreams, they're forgotten.
Everyone should keep their dreams & follow them, believe in them... because one day they all come true...
Just believe...
The more the thinking of the people change, the more the world will change.
Into a world of war & fear,
into a world of lies & intrigues
into a world of harmony & peace,
into a world full of wonders and magic.
Human beings can change the world with their thinking. Everybody can do it.

Yes, magic is everywhere and if more people could open their hearts for it, the magic in our world would grow. Because we change the world with our thoughts!

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