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The language of the soul
Dogs bark, cats meow, birds cheep, whales sing, crickets chirp, trees creak, people talk.
Each species has its own language, and yet there is one that connects us all in the heart - The language of the soul.

Beloved earth
From faraway worlds I came,
In love for this earth, in Love for the human beings,

I created a bond with the moon, the one who is most similar to me.
The companion in dark times, she sines bright for all dark souls,
like my heart for the earth...

I've seen a lot of suffering,
I have experienced much suffering,
and yet, after such a long time, I still see the beauty in this world,
see the beauty in people.

The creativity of them inspires me again and again,
they have ideas, dreams, wishes,
And need just a spark that gives them courage
that shines for them,
Who is there for them,
directing them.

I want to give them that spark.

Outside, I seem young, but my soul is ancient and wise.

From faraway worlds I came,
In love for this earth, in Love for the human beings.

Believe in yourself you wonderful beings,
Mother earth is your home, your protégé,
You have to keep her as your child,
because without your love she will perish.

You have the power, you have the force.
Use them wisely and well.

Beloved earth, you young planet ... I hope my journey here was not in vain.
100,000 years is my soul here, as one of the wonderful human being.
The days are there in which we can change everything for the better.

Please hear my incredible words you wonderful human beings ...
You have only one home.
Beloved Mother Earth.

Live in the here and now ...

Love, a timeless force,
connecting through eternity,
keep an eye with your heeart,
because it seeks and finds you.

What makes a true artist to artist
are not his tools,
but the gift of being able to create from all things a new world.

The force that moves mountains,
The hope that light makes shine,
The peace which reigns in your heart,
The magic that makes the fire blaze,
The power drought to transform into paradise,
To seeing the overwhelming beauty in all,
And never give up at all times ..
alone is the belive in you!

I am the light that shines most brightly in the darkness,
I am the hope that in the drought most beautyful bloom,
I am the fantasy that flies highest in the hopelessness,

I am the love that embraces the hate gently,
I am the life that takes its beginning in death,

And I am the moon, which is lonely in the middle of the night.

Who needs 150 "friends" if he has one that gives you the support of all 150 together, speaking before 150 people for you, who is as versatile all 150 together, and will you find up to 150 lives?

Wonders of the World
Open yourself with heart, soul and mind for the magic and wonder of this world -
And they will open to you & show your true path.

Once, a long time ago,
I could fly ...
Fly, ... in the body in which my soul feels at home
In the form of a majestic dragon.

Longing ... Longing plagues me ...
When will the time come?
When will the magic regain it's old power?
Oh - great dragons, wise and powerful, hear my longing!
Oh - ancient power of miracles, you wonderful magic, hear my longing!

I yearn to rise my wings up in the air,
as once in the old days ...
Yes, yes, in flesh and blood!
With a pounding dragonheart!

My desire is burning ...
Fly ...
and thereby embrace the world ...

Angel of night
From faraway times I came,
Many lives I lived,
Many death I died.

The whole world I have seen,
Yet so much stays unsighted,
Because the earth never stands still.

From sorrow and agony I suffered,
Bliss and love I shared,
For my spirit already wanders for so long.

The soul of a dragon, ancient and wise,
The heart of a child, at ease and honest,
I descended down to the earth.

Out of the light I came,
To go into the shadows,
Because there, my light shines brightest....

I am the angel of night!

The fire of magic
The fire of magic I hold in my hands,
The fire of magic I want to share with you.

The fire of magic - since times connected with my heart and my soul,
a force that grows with faith.

I want to hand it to you, the fire of magic,
show you a long forgotten world,
inherent deep in your soul.

The fire of magic I hold in my hands,
The fire of magic I want to share with you.

Do you take it?

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