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My pictures tell thousands of stories that reveal much of my life(s), my desires, thoughts, feelings, a part of my soul... and I draw these stories mostly in one and the same form: In the form of spiritual beings, such as my power animal which represents myself, or other companions which get also a role in my drawings, like my totem.
Since this subject pulls over and over again like a red thread through my pictures, they have already raised many questions in some of you: What are the creatures about? What are they? Are there differences? How do I find them?
Therefore, I have taken the time to dedicate those magical spirit guides a page on my website, and use my knowledge, as well as my experiences to answer all your questions.
Please be careful with this treasure which I am going to share with you. Because it is rare that a dragon offers a glimpse into their treasure cave ... and even rarer is the opportunity to take a look into a part of their wisdom chamber.

About poweranimals

As power animals are the beings referred that are a part of your soul. You are yourself these animals, and just the other way around. Confusing?
Let me go a little deeper into the subject and you'll understand where I want to lead you soon.
Wolf, cat, mouse, lion, raven, owl, bear. Each of these individual animals has its typical characteristics for themselves.

The wolf is known to be one of the most loyal creatures. He is faithful on the side of his loved ones, even with his claws and teeth if need to be. However, the wolf is also very distrustful and sometimes tends to prefer to be footloose to wander alone through the lands and forests of the world.

The cat is well known for being quite headstrong, but it is an animal that knows what she wants, and does everything possible to get it. Although she prefers the charming way and infatuated with her charming little purr or she crashes into a fighting with claws and battle cries. She also has her very relaxed side, loves to enjoy the day, best alone in a shoebox under the blazing sun.

The mouse is a very shy animal and observes with critical eye its surroundings very well.
She must be aware from enemies, because the mouse knows that she is petite and therefore she must fight in other ways through life, where she often proves a clever head too.
But once she finds an environment in which she feels comfortable, or other journeymen whom she trusts, she thaws on and shows her cheerful disposition.

I could go further and spend hours for each animal and enumerate typical characteristics, but then I do not get to where I really want to go with you: All these characteristics can also be transferred to people.
No, of course not everyone of you has found himself in all of the animals that I have described. But one or the other things which I have just enumerated seemed maybe familiar to you. Maybe you saw someone standing close to you in your mind in any of these animals, or maybe even yourself?
If not, that's no problem. You have enough time to discover your inner animals.
In short: your power animal is the animal that is similar to you or that corresponds to your character best.
And there's another rule: Everyone has (normally) two of such animals. Why?
Surely everyone of you know these moments where you stand in front of a turn, an important decision, and in your interior breaks out a power struggle.
Am I doing this? Or the other? Is it right? Is it what I want? Should I really act against my conscience? Or should I follow my feelings?
Some call these two warring sides the inner angel and the inner demon. Some call it the good and the bad conscience. Some people denote them as the head and the heart.
I say that your power animals are those who combine all of these things in themselves. One creature that represents your dark side, one creature that represents your lightful side.
This does not mean that one side is fundamentally bad or that the other is fundamentally good. Each of the two sides has their positive and negative characteristics. The only question is how and in what kind of situation you use each of them if they are going to be something "good" or something "bad".
But why do we have these inner animals, if they represent only a "copy", an animal shape of our own?
Well, these animals are a part of our soul, and yet it is possible for these animals to appear us as a “mirror” of our own in our dreams.
They can make us aware of our follie, they can help us to explore ourselves, to understand us better. They are also the connection to Mother Nature that we carry in our soul, our instincts, our feelings. Those who are intensively dealing with their inner creatures, can even win some of their animal abilities for themselves.
For example, have you ever noticed that every person smells different, tastes different, has different preferences and talents? Yes, of course you did. And that dependents on incredibly many factors, such as cultural influences, education, the environment in which one grows up, the genes.
They basically determine our fundamental "composition", but it is possible for us to outgrow beyond our limits.
So there are people with an incredible sense of smell, such people often have Wolf/dogparts as one of their power animals.
Or people with an incredibly strong intuition, the gift to feel emotions of others. These are often people with "magical" animal parts. These include the still living animals such as wolves, cats, owls and ravens. But also those beings who decided to convert into another plane of the world once a long time ago, such as dragons, gryphons and unicorns.
If here is a skeptic reading this, I want to thank for that you have taken the time to read my text and got to this point. I know that it's a very big step to open up yourself for things you're skeptic about.
In advance I just want to mention something: Once I was one of the skeptics too, someone who often thought incredulous about "higher powers" like God, reincarnation and magic, if I even was not sometimes doubtful. I counted myself to the so-called "atheists" or better said "agnostics" a long time.
But even though I was skeptical at the same time, it was important to me to remain always open.
I always like to compare it with a pot or a chest. Only those who keep their "cover" constantly open, only those also get the opportunity to learn and experience new things. But those who close themselves from the beginning, those lose (mostly) the opportunity to experience incredible things, and will continue to obsessively cling to their usual worldviews, and always find things with which they can justify or "prove" their opinion.

I just wanted to break away myself from pre-made world images. As ancient and great our earth is, as many stories and theories she has for us. And the less can be told or summarized a million old story in just one century in which the humankind believes to be super modern and progressive.
This meant for me not to demonize religious/mythical ancient writings, or to reject scientific findings. I wanted to find the connection between this two sides, I wanted to experience the world, the cosmos as it is holistic.
As holistic as the body and mind, and soul and heart are connected.
The one side that we can touch. And the other side who we can meet with very different senses.
I personally think it's wrong to close yourself for any of the two sides. The result is a narrow-minded scientists who explain the feeling of love unilateral with hormones and reduce it only to them, or the other part, narrow-minded esoterics who believe any behavior or any disease can be explained simply by karma.
The world is not just black or white. The world is composed of opposites, of the harmony between the two, which form together something new, a whole.
For example we take the dusk: It is the time when the night meets the day when we are experiencing a combination of two opposites that offer an incredibly beautiful colors spectacle from a fiery red to a soft green. Life is colourful!

But to come back to our main topic, the power animals - Yes, you can also have creatures such as dragons, unicorns, gryphons and other mythological beings as one of your power animals, they too are part of this world, and were also in flesh and blood.
You ask yourself how you can find out what are your two power animals? Sometimes they are just the animals to whom you're attracted to since your childhood, animals where you feel they understand you, where you have even a little feeling of “being home”.
As in almost all things, what concerns your inner self, I suggest you to take the time and silence to meditate. In what form you do it - that's always up to you. Close your eyes and concentrate on your inner desire to get to know your inner animals. Sooner or later they will show themselves to you if you have not already felt them since you were a child.

Once you've found your two power animals, and have dealt yourself with them a long time, you can begin to find your "midway" to find your harmony and your line between your shadow and lightful parts. And so you can discover your "only true" power animal, your "true" soul form...

The Totem

Everyone has their own personal companion since their birth. This companion, also called Totem, shouldn't be mixed up with the power animals. Although both can be count to the category of “spirit guides” more or less, but opposed to the power animals, the Totem is a completely independent and individual soul/being, with their own feelings and thoughts, like you and me. It is completely independent of your character or your inner power animals, so it can be a totally different animal than you embody yourself. Your totem is not like your inner animals changeable (Yes, your power animals can change during the path of your life when your character changes accordingly.)
The totem and his protege, (you) connect a very special bond. Your Totem knows your life task, your whole path. He knows your ways, he knows your potential, he knows your depths, your soul.
He can help you with everything you want to reach, even when it comes to exploring your inner animals.
He will be on your side with words and deeds, will never leave you until the end of your life.
Even if you never discover him... never hear him... never speak to him...

Again: If you have the desire to get in touch with your totem animal, if you want to find out which kind of animal it is, you need time and silince. Relax and go deep into you.
Concentrate your thoughts on your desire to find your totem. Call him. In your thoughts, with your feeling, with your heart. Please him to let him give you a sign of his presence, if you are not sure whether he is with you, if you can not feel his his presence.
He can appear in your dreams, he can even show up physically. Maybe it is an animal that you often see on your ways, on the street, on a walk, or elsewhere. If your Totem is a mystical creature like a dragon, it is possible for him to show himself for example in the form of a cloud.
Crucial is that you are paying attention to your feelings in this case. You'll feel when you're not alone. You will feel when you are being watched. You'll also be able to feel the emotions of your totem. Because, as I mentioned, you both connects a very special bond. Your totem is just for you by your side. And the bond can even be so intimately that you both can feel how the other one feels, at any time...

In the video below you can find an excerpt from the animated film "Balto 2". It is about a music scene with the title "Who you really are" and brings what I have already described about Totems to the point.
Probably even better than I could ever explain ...
In addition, the song is incredibly inspiring. I can imagine that it can also help you to “find” your totem if you are not carry him already in your heart ?

The journey begins in your heart! :heart:

(Written on 30.6.2014)
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